One-Stop Shop

One-stop shop where you can find, in a categorised way, all the services and socio-cultural offers available for active ageing. This includes free, subsidised and paid services.


Thanks to Big Data and the AI, XiLBER is able to recommend services to users according to their interests and/or needs. This adviser helps older people to discover services and motivates them to add new healthy and social habits. XiLBER is able to connect with people who share the same interests, regardless of their age.

digital accessibility

Each user can be supported and/or collaborated by a trusted person (e.g. family member, caregiver, social worker, pharmacy, etc.) to manage services. XiLBER has a dual user-manager app that adapts to users’ digital skills.



Search engine

All the offer in a single list. Filter by your preferences.

One-click booker

Download the XiLBER app or register online, and forget about filling out tedious forms and payment systems every time you buy a ticket.


Our technology, with artificial intelligence, learns your preferences and habits and will alert you when an activity is posted that we think you might find interesting.

Delegated management

If you find this technology a little difficult, don't worry. Although we have made it very easy for you, you can also designate someone you trust who will have a mirror profile to help you with all the paperwork.

Book for your friends

Booking for yourself or for
your family and friends easily.

Unwanted lonileness, never again

XiLBER helps you to discover people with the same
likes and dislikes as you and brings you together to enjoy
the activities together.