What do we do?


XiLBER brings together information 
and unifies access to social services and municipal socio-cultural offerings for the elderly, gives visibility to the work carried out by public agents, volunteer organisations and associations, and facilitates the identification of duplication.


XiLBER allows you to digitise your booking system with a powerful platform adapted to each type of business. It is responsible for charging, sending reminders, managing the CRM of the business and enables the creation of offers and promotions.


XiLBER helps businesses develop strategies and tactics for differential, fragmented and targeted treatment for seniors through an online content platform. Each professional must receive a XiLBER recruitment certificate to be able to market their services on the Marketplace platform.


XiLBER allows companies to publish their services on the largest marketplace for seniors, increasing their visibility.



Booking management

A single CMS where you can publish all the activities with countless customisation functionalities, languages, timetables, sessions, descriptions... 


As the person in charge of an activity or as the administrator of a centre, you will be able to access a business intelligence panel to know more and manage better: gender, age, origin, turnover, busiest times, CO2 emissions...


XiLBER automatically calculates the carbon footprint of each activity and helps to raise awareness of the importance of climate emergency among organisers and attendees.


Everything in the cloud. No need to install anything. Each municipality pays for an annual licence and can immediately generate unlimited events and manage them with limited people.

Acces management

Each reservation has a QR code that speeds up entry and prevents fraud.

Administrators and entities management

Control who can register activities or courses, who can manage payments, statistics or access.

Debt collection management

Forget about asking for money every time a user of the municipality signs up for an activity. Each user enters their preferred payment method once and then pays with one click. From the management panel each responsible entity can access all the billing information and collect the collection.